About Milman Industries

For Our Customers, for Everyone's Future

Milman Industries is strongly committed to providing safe, sustainable and high-quality services through its affiliate companies, each of which brings the flexibility and skill sets to meet any challenge. In everything we do, we balance the needs of our valued customers with the health of our environment. Browse for yourself, and discover what our services can do for you.

Milman Industries Inc. actively works to improve upon our ability as well as our customers’ ability to reduce environmental impacts.

Reducing environmental impacts from our operations and our customer’s operations by… 

  • Identifying improvement areas within processes and operations
  • Developing innovative solutions that offer distinct and sustainable advantages
  • Promoting an internal learning environment to facilitate the development and application of improved processes using the most highly skilled, cross-functional workforce

Milman Industries Inc. and its affiliate companies believe that sustainability involves adhering to Economic, Social, as well as Environmental goals. This involves the strategic planning of how we will meet operational and strategic goals without compromising the capabilities of future generations.