The Utmost in Quality & Ease

The benefits of lime slurry in neutralization and stabilization are clear: it's a manageable product that allows you to work more safely and effectively.

Pre-mixed. Dust-free.

Our product raises the bar in quality lime slurry by providing the finest grind available anywhere. (Where industry standards require a screen fraction of 90% passing 200 mesh, our product consistently exceeds 95%. And that's through a 325 mesh!)

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Benefits of a Finer Grind

  • Slower settling rate and easier re-agitation allows for transportation and longer use.
  • Higher reactivity and accuracy for exact and efficient processes. Less product waste caused by "drowning" of calcium oxide.
  • Less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • Less tank and pipe cleaning required.
  • A more versatile product for a wider variety of possible uses (spraying, etc.)

More than a product, we provide a complete turnkey solution to make your life easier. From delivery to set-up, we provide the expert support to make using our product a stress-free, safe, and cost-effective alternative, whatever your unique challenges.

Making the cost comparison

What's the real price of switching?

Here are some specifications to help you assess our lime slurry's ability to meet your alkalinity requirements in comparison to your existing solution:

* Slurry at 28 Percent Solids w/w As CaO As Ca(OH)2
Approximate kg of equivalent dry product per tote: 252 Kg 332 Kg
Approximate kg of equivalent dry product per bulk tanker: 7,805 Kg 10,297 Kg