RailPlan engineered products are truly modular systems that are tested extensively at our Maryland manufacturing facility. Whether it is modular ADA toilet rooms or complete railcar interiors, every step is taken to make sure that the product is cost effective with product consistency while minimizing onsite installation labor

ADA Folding Table

RailPlan offers an ADA Folding Table ready to install with crash energy management that is adaptable to all car types

ADA Folding Table

ADA Restroom Module

Developed as part of RailPlan's Brunel award winning interior, the ADA Restroom provides a modular solution for any passenger rail application through user centered design and high-quality manufacturing.

Emergency Water Enclosure

On-train enclosures provide a safe, effective means to store emergency water rations. They retain water packages during temperature fluctuations using a soft bladder.

Emergency Water Enclosure Brochure

Engineered Products


Galley + Snackbar

Toilet + ADA Modules

Gangway Diaphragm

RailPlan's Gangway diaphragm offers an extensively tested connection solution built to the highest quality.

RailPlan Type 1 Diaphragm Brochure

RailPlan Type 2 Diaphragm Brochure

Occasional Seat

The Occasional seat provides a fully functional and easy to operate interactive seating solution. The seat provides a versatile option that can be used in many on-board environments

Stool Holder

RailPlan Stool Holder offers a ready to install safe and crew accessible solution or existing and new vehicles.

Stool Holder Brochure

Transfer Bridge

As a ???reliable tool for many situations, RailPlan's Emergency Transfer Bridge provides a safe car-to-car ???mobility option. Manufactured to the highest quality, it stores easily and deploys quickly

Transfer Bridge Brochure

Velo Bike Car System

RailPlan's Velo Bike Car System creates a safe, intuitive cycle accessible interior in any new or refurbishment project. A modular assembly with adaptable components, the Velo creates a car that can satisfy both the ridership as well as the service providers needs for any season.

Velo Bike Car System Brochure

Velo Bike Car System Brochure Expanded

Vertical Bike Rack

RailPlan's Vertical Bike Rack creates compact, accessible bike storage for any new or refurbishment project. Using adaptable mounting, the racks can be installed in nearly any car type.

?As an option, maintenance-free non-contact sensors can control exterior indicator lights so that passengers with bicycles know that an empty rack is available before they choose a car to board.

Velo Bike Car System Brochure