Portable Washroom & Hygiene Facilities

Herby Enterprises has been renting and servicing portable toilets since inception. Herby Enterprises provides washroom facilities and servicing suitable for any function or event.

As part of our service, we offer the following types of portable units.

  • Portable toilets
  • 5’ x 13’ washroom trailer
  • 9’ x 16’ wedding washroom trailer
  • Hand wash stations

Septic Tank Pumping

Understanding and properly maintaining your sewage system is an important task. Without proper maintenance and knowledge you can cause damage and failure to your sewage system.

This is why we’re here. At Herby, our skilled technicians are trained to not only perform a service but also to educated our customers on proper maintenance of their sewage and septic systems. This will prevent failure to your system and major repair costs.

Regular maintenance should be scheduled every 2-3 years.

Call or email us now to book your septic cleaning.


CCTV Camera

Camera inspections allow us to provide our customers with an in depth inspection from their home to municipal services. This can determine grease buildup, collapsed pipe and root penetration.

In case of emergency sewer backup in the greater City of Sudbury, call 311.

Line Flushing

Our fleet consists of Vactor 2100 units, the industry standard. These units can flush 2 – 24 inch lines. Blockages can be caused by sand, debris, gravel, ice, grease, etc.

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