Diesel Electric Services, referred to as “Ontario Limited” in South America and Overseas, has offices and warehousing in Havana, Cuba and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Geographically, we are well positioned and equipped to handle imports and exports on a global level. Our international sales team will be glad to address your needs regardless of the size of the project.

Our current offerings include:

  • Equipos e Insumos Ferroviarios, Mineros y la industria en general. Railway, mining and industrial products
  • Mangueras y Accesorios. Hoses and accessories
  • Productos Químicos. Chemical products
  • Partes y repuestos para vehículo liviano y pesado. Heavy Equipment and Auto Parts
  • Repuestos para Maquinaria Industrial. Spare parts for industrial machinery
  • Grupos electrógenos. Electrical components
  • Neumáticos. Tires
  • Baterías. Batteries
  • Bombas para diferentes aplicaciones. Pumps for all applications