Chemiqa’s goal is to become the leader in supplying cost-effective, high-quality products, onsite service, innovative technology, application expertise and 100 percent delivery service reliability.

Chemiqa is also able to offer augmented services such as full technical support and application services, bulk liquid chemical trans loading and products packaged to meet our customers’ requirements.


The Chemistry Behind Chemiqa

Chemiqa is a proud joint venture between Milman Industries Inc. and Flottec LLC (Flottec).

Chemiqa represents the joint venture’s ability and commitment to provide reliable distribution of a full range of “Quality Assured Chemicals for the Mining Industry” and continuously strives to meet the objectives of this commitment. Chemiqa was built on the core competencies of each individual organization. These being the value chain enhancing capabilities and logistical expertise of Milman Industries Inc., and the high quality customized products and technical expertise of Flottec LLC., to meet needs of companies within the mining industry. It was created to leverage these core competencies and create a distinct advantage for a sole entity.

Flottec is continuously building partnerships across the globe to enhance the capabilities of its operations and its partners operations (Milman Industries and Chemiqa). Flottec was chosen as the only non-mining company (chemical manufacturer) to be included in the McGill University research chair on flotation process development.

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