Industrial Services Division

BM Metals’ Industrial Services Division takes care of all types industrial clean-up. Our team takes pride in our extensive knowledge and experience, and our ability to innovate and design the most efficient and effective systems to do the job right, at the lowest cost.

Our innovative approach and our vacuum system is designed to clean up and recover a full range of materials including slurries, sludge, liquids, solids and dry bulk powders.

  • Sludge and powder reclamation
  • Bulk materials transfer and dust conveyance
  • Bag house cleaning and repairs
  • Material bagging and barreling
  • Industrial vacuuming
  • Water pumping services
  • Bulk container services and material storage
  • Site remediation
  • Water blasting services
  • Material blending and packaging to customer specifications
  • Dry ice Cleaning
  • Mobile Wash
  • Gyro Whipping
  • Acid tank cleaning and neutralization
  • Pneumatic Vacuum boxes and Roll-off tanks
  • Mobile Bagging Units

Vacuum Services

Pit & Sump Cleanout

Our vacuum trucks and high density pumps make short work of all pits, sumps, trenches and catch basins without needing to add water which saves on disposal and time.


AVS is fully equipped to do turnkey tank cleaning on tank removal. We provide all necessary services for a tank project from cleaning and disposal of liquids and sludges to tank removal and soil remediation.

Site Transfer

Our 3500 gallon vacuum tanker equipped with pressure offload makes site to site transfer of liquids fast and easy. 

Power Plants

Our experienced personnel remove fly ash from boilers, penthouses, ductwork, hoppers, stacks, precipitators, and baghouses. We do all aspects of plant work including waterblasting and vacuuming of coal and slurry.


No ductwork job is too large or too small, from economizer ducts in power plants to ventilation ducts, we do them all.

Steel Plants & Foundries

We clean material from drainage systems including pits and trenches; provide general cleaning of machinery and vacuum sand from basements and silos.

Plant Shutdowns & Maintenance

Employees are trained to do high-quality, high-efficiency work using hydroblasters and vacuum support to minimize costly downtime whether it is a scheduled outage or an emergency shutdown. 

Central Cooling Systems 

All aspects of liquid and sludge removal including pressure washing flumes and pits can be easily cleaned with our specialized equipment. 

Roof Vacuuming

Our ballast removal system eliminates the labor-intensive wheel barrow and shovel method. It speeds up the tear off process, reduces dust and lessens disposal costs since the gravel can be recycled.

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