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Welcome To Milman Industries

Milad Mansour, founder and president of Milman Industries Inc.,holds the key to providing customer satisfaction. That key is experience coupled with ongoing, outstanding dedication.  Milad has been in business for over 40 years and has taken his company through positive transformations. 


Through the transformations he has not gone astray from his number one commitment, his customer’s needs. He has proven his dedication through the evolution of Mansour Group of Companies to what is now Milman Industries Inc.


The company strives to service its customers on various levels of their value chain and offers them the utmost quality and support. This has been achieved by managing a diverse set of companies under Milman Industries Inc. and through innovation and accommodation of each company’s product and service offerings. 

Milad Mansour - Founder



Milman Industries Inc. affiliate companies include:

BM Metals Services Inc. is a cross functional company with expertise, experience and equipment to assist with any Industrial or commercial need.


Chemiqa supplies process chemicals and applications technologies, as well providing logistics and local inventory to global mining industries.


Sudbury Lime offers the most reliable, environmental and cost effective alternative to slaking your own lime. Its processes allow achieving high quality lime slurry to provide you with hassle free acid neutralization. 


Shattercone Metallurgical Inc. procures, samples and processes automobile catalysts, while providing metallurgical services to third parties on a fee-for-services basis.


Consolidated Drilling & Blasting Inc. holds many years of experience in drilling and blasting and offers you innovative solutions to meet your contracting needs.


Consolidated Industrial Products Inc. offers you an extensive product line to be your one-stop shop for all of your industrial product needs.


Diesel Electric Services specializes in rebuilding, maintaining, servicing and leasing of diesel locomotives and rail cars as well as providing consulting services.


Consolidated Logistics Incorporated’s experience covers all aspects of the supply chain. Experience includes managing procurement, warehousing and distribution, as well as implementation of best practices and state-of-the-art material management systems.